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Craft Grown Excellence

At Leven Therapeutics we strive for the best synergy between quality and sustainability, thus providing our version of a Premium Craft Product.

Rooted with the vision of advancing as a team and bringing value to your organization, each of our services PRODUCTION – B2B FACILITATION- BRAND BOOSTER revolves around the efforts of utilizing our experience in the industry along with outside the box thinking. 

Powered by the Sun

The Leven Therapeutics Farm sits on a breath taking 100 acres in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Having the land to expand our offering and contract growing program enables us with confidence to be able to encompass all our partners needs and requests. Every cultivation plot undergoes rigorous soil testing to ensure the soil exceeds our compliance requirements. Along with our Farm in Guelph we have a strategic alliance with our Craft Grown CBD supplier in beautiful British Columbia. 


Experience the Difference

Brands driven by sustainability and a passion for organic production. Striving to ensure your consumption has little impact on the environment. 


Craft Grown Excellence


Sun grown, hand harvested, hang dried and hand finished premium crafted CBD Pre-Rolls are coming to those that want to STAY ROOTED. 

Crafted by nature from our family to yours.


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The Lost Culture is Coming Soon